I am a nature lover, mystic, an informal student of psychology. I create and follow my own path, on which I find myself periodically being destroyed and reborn.

Diastramet is a space for personal creative expression in whichever form it flows, writings about life experiences and the shifting perspectives that flow from them, thoughts and opinions on a range of subjects, and advocating for action on certain issues that impact life on a planetary scale.

Some pages will be written in the playful spirit of light-hearted adventure, while others may be uncomfortable for readers of any age. If you are afraid of being "sent down memory lane", don't want to walk beside me as I send myself there sometimes, or are easily offended - this probably isn't the place for you.

When people (if the shoe doesn't fit, don't try to force it) want to feed on your energy and you have to remind them that you're not a parfait...


Don't concern yourself with what or how much is known.
Concern yourself with how much it matters in the end.